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Amenorrhea and its effects on Fertility

Non-occurrence of periods is called Amenorrhea. Splitting headache, abdominal aching and burgeoning facial hair are some of the symptoms of Amenorrhea, but in some cases they do not appear at all or appear mildly. Amenorrhea can be divided into 2 kinds – a) Physiological and b) Pathological.

When the periods do not occur before puberty, during pregnancy and after menopause, it is called Physiological. Pathological Amenorrhea rears up because of few types of afflictions.

If any girl doesn’t get periods even after turning 16, she is diagnosed as primary Amenorrhea. But if the periods do not occur for more than 3 months among women who have a history of menstrual cycles, they’re diagnosed as secondary Amenorrhea. Secondary Amenorrhea leads to issues related to fertility.

Anovulation is the biggest reason behind secondary Amenorrhea. It (Anovulation) is the term used to describe the inability of ovary to produce or release eggs. PCOD is the major force behind occurrence of Anovulation. But there are other factors like multicystic ovaries and premature ovarian failure too.

Blood tests to check Prolactin, TSH, FSH, LH & AMH and a Vaginal Ultrasound Scan are some of the common prescribed tests to diagnose the cause of secondary Amenorrhea.

Hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of secondary Amenorrhea. It can occur as a result of:

  • Tumours on the pituitary gland
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Low estrogen levels
  • High testosterone levels

The problem of irregular or abnormal periods must be treated for a woman to get pregnant. IVF Specialist in Gurgaon must keep in mind that merely regularizing periods might not completely solve the fertility issues. It is imperative to address the specific infertility problem and treat it. This is what any top Fertility Centre in Gurgaon must aim for.

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