Air Pollution and Fertility

Last week, US Environmental Protection Agency rated Delhi as the most polluted city in the world. Delhi has been in the grip of dreadful smog that has covered the sky of the Indian capital and has badly affected the health of its residents. Many people have complained about burning sensation in their eyes, difficulties in breathing, lung diseases etc.

But one malady that has escaped the attention is the terrible impact of pollution on fertility. Simply put, air pollutants are toxic in nature and when one is regularly exposed to these toxic elements, it severely damages fertility prowess of individuals. This has been endorsed by a string of studies which conclude that uncontrolled pollution is deadly for fertility.

According to the reputed journal ‘Environmental Health Perspectives’, pollutants are instrumental in decreasing couples’ ability to conceive children from 17% to 29%. That is why it is extremely essential to protect yourself from different pollutants so that one doesn’t have to face issues related with fertility and pregnancy. Even during the fertility treatments, one sometimes encounters failures because of poor quality of infrastructure. For example, if any fertility clinic doesn’t have proper equipment in its laboratory, it can spoil the quality of embryo.

Medicover Fertility is regarded as one of the best fertility centres in Delhi and is famous for providing personalized care and excellent services. It also has a top-of-the-line laboratory that has seven Stage Filters (Including two Hepa-Filters) and three types of micro & mini filters to nullify air pollutants. The laboratory also has anti-static vinyl flooring to neutralize bacteria. That’s what makes Medicover a unique and one of the best IVF centres in Delhi for infertility treatment.

For Infertility Treatment:
Phone: +91 7862800700


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