Advanced Treatments to tide over Infertility

The technological advancements over the years have completely transformed the lives of human in every sphere. The healthcare sector is no different. The avant-garde breakthroughs and cutting-edge equipment have enabled doctors to cure afflictions and diseases which were considered monstrously insurmountable.

These days there are so many ingenious and highly effective treatments available to tide over infertility. The fertility specialists recommended suitable treatment to patients factoring in all the aspects. Following are some of the top-notch treatments to overcome infertility:

a) In vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is regarded as the most potent and effective fertility treatment. It is often the last option for patients who have tried other treatments. Under this treatment, the eggs are retrieved from ovary through surgery and are fertilized with sperms. Embryos are made to grow in laboratory for 2-5 days. On Day 5, embryo is called Blastocyst. These embryos are then transferred in womb of mother and the extra ones are frozen for future use.

b) Laser Hatching Technique: Laser hatching machination is a measure to open Zona Pellucida through a palliative laser to abate upper layer of embryo so that it can be removed from Zona Pellucida and put in a microscope. The whole process is a non-contact one that implies embryo is not in direct contact with laser. The orifice of embryo is pronounced through the usage of laser. This whole requires cut-glass precision and prudence.

c) ICSI-use in indicated cases especially in Male Infertility

d) Micro TESE/SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval)



g) ERA with Endoscopy


i) DFI

j) Embryo Glue

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