Preserving Fertility: Working Women should Know

The aspirations of women these days pertaining to their careers are humongous. They are no longer willing to compromise on professional front for marital life. This phenomenon is not restricted to metro cities as even the women in Tier 2 cities prefer to focus on their careers and achieve a certain position before thinking of settling down. Hence the norm of most women marrying in their 20s, as was the case few years ago, is no longer prevalent.

These days many women are not much concerned about marriage. While a lot of women have started to walk down the aisle in their 30s, many even prefer to stay unmarried or being in live-in relationships. While the career-driven women may be uncertain about when to get married, most of them harbor the dream of motherhood. That is why many young women are opting for egg-freezing to deal with this tricky situation.

It is an established medical fact that women produce the eggs of robust pedigree in their 20s and early 30s. With each passing year, the quality of eggs keeps decreasing. In IVF Treatment, quality of eggs is of paramount significance. Better the quality of eggs, more the chances of success. So, to subsidize the uncertain future and ticking biological clock, young women are increasingly taking to egg freezing so that they would not be deprived of relishing the joys of motherhood. Once the eggs of sterling quality are frozen, half the battle is already won and women can concentrate on their careers more raptly.

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